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Terms & Conditions

  1. At Ezveb we give 30 days money back guarantee. Which means clients who have paid and signed up with us and not satisfied with our services for genuine and justifiable reasons can terminate services with Ezveb. We will pay the entire money back through Paypal account after verification. The request for termination must be within 30th day of signup.

  2. For no reason Ezveb will pay the money back to clients once 30 days are over from the date of signup.

  3. The money back guarantee is valid only on web hosting packages and will not be extended towards domain name registrations.

  4. All services is for a period of 1 month or 1 year cycle from the date of signing up according to the packages.

  5. Web hosting service means only Disk space, email and domain hosting and will not include Domain name registration costs.

  6. Domain names can be registered with our website and these domains can be either hosted in our server or a 3rd party server.

  7. Domain names registered with other registrars and other service providers are also welcome to host with Ezveb.

  8. No service is entitled for any kind of transfer between clients and it will be a violation to do so. But clients can change between resellers at their will and may also host with 3rd party servers if they do not wish to host with Ezveb.

  9. Only presale emails will be entertained at contact link at our website. All other hosting related support will be answered in the Forum available for our clients. How ever clients can also create tickets at support link in our website.

  10. Spamming through email, bulk email and Unsolicited mails sent through our mail server will end up terminating the services without any notice.

  11. Pornography sites, child pornography, adult content, selling Viagara or any sexual medicines and such products will not be allowed to host with Ezveb. Clients who signup and use such unwanted activities will be shut down without any notice and there will not be any money back on these activities.

  12. Pirated software selling is strictly prohibited through websites hosted with us.

  13. All payment must be made with our payment gateway partners "Paypal" and "2Checkout". Ezveb will add new payment gateways time to time for the convenience.

  14. Refunds if any with be paid back to the respective payment gateways only and no payments will be made through Check or Cash.

  15. All payments are in the units of US Dollars and Ezveb reserves to add or change the currency unit at any time.

  16. Clients will have the account summary in the Control panel and will have to make renewals accordingly. Ezveb will not remind clients for payments.

  17. Any over due in payments if not made within the expiration day according to the payment cycle of an account then the account will be suspended automatically.

  18. Overdue of payments beyond 10 days will also loose the content as the content will be deleted automatically by our control panel program.

  19. At Ezveb we do not backup contents of our clients. Clients are advised to keep a backup copy of all content and the database at all times and any lose of content will not be the responsibility of Ezveb.

  20. Any registration, renewal of domain names must be done by our clients and Ezveb will not be responsible for registering or renewal of domains.

  21. Over usage of data by our clients will not be permitted as this is controlled by our Control panel. Clients must keep a watch of the data transfer and if they feel they need more transfer, clients are advised to purchase Add on packages for Data Transfer.

  22. Support on hosting needs will not mean debugging of scripts or programs of our clients. However Ezveb can give support for such activities on a payment of US $ 10 per hour.

  23. Debugging or coding will be undertaken for our clients and outsiders at a cost of US $ 10 and bills will be sent to our hosting clients after the program is finished. Such bills must be met with payments with 7 days of our invoice.

  24. Any failure to pay the invoices within 7 days will be treated as violation of payment and can account for suspending the hosting accounts.

  25. Clients who use more of CPU resources will be suspended until such usages are stopped and Ezveb reserves all rights to do so or even stop the client from hosting with us. jam tangan replika

  26. Ezveb will not be liable or responsible for any unforeseen circumstances with direct or indirect damages which may occur due to natural calamities such us earth quake, storm etc.

  27. Ezveb holds absolute rights to alter the price, content of our web site and the terms and condition at any time without prior notice to our clients. replica watches for mens

  28.  International Cyber laws will be strictly adhered and there will be no option for our clients to move any dispute between the clients and Ezveb.

  29.  Ezveb will be the ultimate arbitral agency to solve any dispute between our clients with good faith in God.

  30. At Ezveb we strive hard to give the best of the services to our esteemed clients at all times.


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