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Data Center Details

TAMPA 1- US Network

All servers are co located in more than 5,000 square feet of floor space in bakers racks, cabinets , private suites, and cages with sufficient power up to 2 megawatts. About an hours backup UPS at peak load with an auto start generator is kept ready to supply power in the event of any power failure.

Our Data center partners are very strict in maintaining security for all equipments and the temperature is maintained at 70F. The Fire Suppression of FM200 for the entire floor is located at the 35th floor

TAMPA 2 - European Network

This data center partners have built the place to ensure our servers are protected. Electric connections and HVAC systems have N+1 configurations to maximize redundancy. Multiple power feeds from independent utility stations. N+1 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. MGE and PowerWare UPS units with diesel generators. N+1 HVAC system with Liebert units. Telco grade fire suppression system with pre-action dry pipes. NOC (Network Operation Center) staffed with engineers 24/7.

HOUSTON - US Network

The 10,000 square feet and above floor space with a possibility to expand 3 times the present size with secured facility is designed to meet the most demanding internet applications. Multi levels of security, back-up power and fire suppression systems as well as network redundancy is the most advanced in the industry standard. The facility provides safe hosting for internet applications with demands for a single unit to open rack, cabinet and secure cage.




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